Day 3 Presentation

Session 1

161129C 0837 S RAW R

Vilisi Tokalauvere



Ken Mathers

"Analysing Incidents on a Network"  Download Now


Vijendra Singh

"Census Boundary Revision 2017"  Download Now 


Hirdeshni Gautam

" Polling Venue Locator Application"  Download Now

161129C 0892 S RAW R

Romuluse Saqatanaivalu

161129C 0932 S RAW R

Reei Tioti

Session 2
 161130C 1485 S RAW RKen Matghers  "Tracing Linear Networks"  Download Now
 161130C 1471 S E RAW R    Aminisitai Loco 

 " GIS Application in Water Resources Assessment and Management in the Pacific"

 Download Now
 161130C 1509 S E RAW E RWolf Forstreuter

 "TC Winston Village Damage Assessment"

 Download Now
 161130C 1540 S RAW RMark Garvey

 "A Crash Course in Crisis Mapping"

 Download Now

161130C 1566 S RAW RHerve Damlamian

"Inundation Survey Technics"

 Download Now

Session 3  

161130C 1586 S RAW R

Cyprien Bosserelle 

" Inundation Forecasting System"  Download Now 

161130C 1617 S RAW R

Marco Bernasocchi

" Better Planning, Preparedness and  Response" Download Now 

161130C 1636 S RAW E R

Kate Crowley

"An introduction to PARTneR : Pacific Risk Tool for Resilience"   Download Now

161130C 1586 S RAW R

Cyprien Bosserelle

" Coastal Inundation from Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston"   Download Now
Session 4

161130C 1684 S RAW R

     Morris Jim Harrison

" Tsunami Evacuation Maps, Evacuation Signs, Information Boards and Sirens for South Santo and South Efate, Vanuatu"  Download Now 
 161130C 1727 S RAW R       Eseta Dumukuro " Police GIS"  Download Now 
 161130C 1731 S RAW R    Ken Mathers " Volume Calculation of Land Slides from Point Cloud Data Captured by UAV"  Download Now 
 161130C 1746 S RAW R       Nathan Smith  "Pacific Drone Imagery Dashboard" Download Now 

161130C 1774 S RAW R

Richard Russell

" Accurate Mapping Using Drones (UAV's - The Fundamentals to Obtain True Photogrammetric Accuracy are still the Same" Download Now

161130C 1787 S RAW R

Maria Kottermair
"Mapping of Majuro Atoll Using a low-cost UAV"   Download Now