Day 2 Presentations

Click on the download link to download presentations from the various sessions for day 2.  

Session 1



Deanna Hutchinson

"Spatial Industries Business Association supporting Pacific Island Initatives"  Download   Now 


Peter Kinne

"Radar, Imagery, Elevation and the Pacific" Download Now   


Viliame Tupua

"Forest Change Analysis as Wall to Wall Mapping for Fiji REDD+"  Download Now   


Martin Isenburg

"Integrating External Ground Points in Forests to Create DTMs from Dense-Matching Photogrammetry" Download Now   


Lanieta Rokotuiwa Kaya

"Accuracy Assessment of Wall to Wall Forest Change Detection in Fiji"  Download Now   


Rocky Kaku

"GIS/RS multi-scale approach for the assessment of Mangrove Species Composition and Coverage" Download Now 

Session 2


 Luis De La RuaLuis De La Rua  "Improving collection and access to high-quality statistical data" Download Now  
 WarrenWarren Eade   

 "Microsoft & Windows 10 Support Problems for Trimble"

 Download Now  


William Ganileo

 "Integrating GIS tools into EIA and expanding the CESMP in Projects for economic development. The case of Port Vila Urban Development (PVUDP)"

Download Now


Guillame Wattelez

"Using supervised learning for modeling biogeochemical parameters in New Caledonia with MODIS ocean color"  Download Now   


Remi Andreoli

 "Flash floods impact mapping in Pacific Island urban environment using 30cm satellite imagery"

 Download Now  


Christopher Pearson

 "Tectonic deformation in the South Pacific, the effect on spatial references and what GIS professionals can do about it"

 Download Now  

Session 3  



 Petrea Helmhlo

"The assessment of burn wounds using Photogrammetry"  Download Now 


 Josua Wainiqolo 

"Transition of GIS Development and its Impact at WAF" Download Now 


Judith Giblin 

" Latest of the PARTner Project"  Download Now

Session 4



Maria Kottermair

"Majuro Atoll: 1-Meter Digital Elevation Model - Improving Elevation Mapping in the Pacific" Download Now 


 Martin Isenburg

"Point Clouds in the Browser" Download Now 


Maria Kottermair

"Digital Atlas of Micronesia - A new online-GIS standard for the Pacific Islands"  Download Now