Day 2 Presentations

Session 1


161129C 0837 S RAW R

Vilisi Tokalauvere

"Forest Change Detection Fiji 1991, 2001, 2007 and 2012, as Wall to Wall Mapping"  Download Now

161129C 0840 S RAW R

Jose Alan Castillo

"Evaluation of Sentinel Satellite Imagery in Modelling the aboveground Biomass of Mangrove Forest and their Competing land uses" Download Now 

161129C 0872 S RAW R

Armando A Apan

"Using Hansen's Global Forest Cover Change Datasets to Assess Forest Loss in Terrestrial Protected Areas"  Download Now 

161129C 0895 S RAW R

Latilevu Valemani

" Determining the spread of African tulips in the Nadroumai Area using GIS"   Download Now

161129C 0892 S RAW R

Romuluse Saqatanaivalu

" Identification of African Tulip with WorldView 3 Image Data"  Download Now 

161129C 0932 S RAW R

Reei Tioti

"Upgrading and Maintaining of the Current Problems Faced by Kiribati Land Information System (KLIS/KLIMS)  Download Now 
Session 2
 161129C 0969 S RAW RJohn Kaitu'u  "QBOOK - Building GIS Capacity from the Ground Up"  Download Now
 161129C 1012 S E RAW R      Bjorn Hetch

 " Land Cover Change Detection in Fiji Through Collect Earth"

 Download Now
 161129C 1053 S E RAW REpeli Nadraiqere

 "Revised TLTB Land Use Plan for Greater Suva"

 Download Now
 161129C 0982 S RAW RWilliams P. Ganileo

 "GIS in Land Use and EIA Process"

 Download Now

161129C 1074 S RAW RAtonio Takala

"Transfer of Wealth Through Estate Planning"

 Download Now

 161129C 1093 S RAW RVilisi Tokalauvere

 "Semi Automatic Mapping of Houses"

Download Now

Session 3  


Faatasi Malologa

" Pacific Geospatial and Survey Strategy" Download Now 

161129C 1259 S E RAW R

Andrick Lal

" Vertical Reference Frame in the pacific"  Download Now


Faatasi Malologa

"Tuvalu's Outer Island Geodetic Survey"
 Download Now

161128C 0624 S RAW R

Rob Sarib

 "Modernisation Process of a Geospatial Reference System and its Integral Role in Thematic and of Course the role of PGSC"  Download Now
Session 4

161129C 1267 S RAW E R

      Aileen Prasad

" Update on USP's Geospatial Program Year II"  Download Now 
 161129C 1288 S RAW R       Nick Rollings " GS231 : Teaching Cartography and the Role of Peer Assessment"  Download Now 
 161129C 1313 S RAW E R       Andrea Jalandoni " Using 3D Modelling and GIS Tools to Identify Rock Art"  Download Now 
 161129C 1261 S RAW R       Semisi Ketenilagi  "Update on USP's Geospatial Program Year II" Download Now