Day 1 Presentations

Mr Malakai Finau

The 2016 GIS/RS Pacific Islands user conference was officially opened by Fiji's Permanant
Session 2
 161128C 0361 S E RAW RMr Peter Kinne  "A journey to Thinking Big Spatially with Big Data"  Download Now
 161128C 0382 S RAW R       Leba Gaunavinaka

 " The Journey from VanuaView to VanuaGIS"

 Download Now
 161128C 0382 S RAW RAbhineet Jain

 "The Launch of WV4 and combining it

with WV3 for Pacific Solutions"

 Download Now
 161128C 0382 S RAW RHolger Eichstaedt

 "Airborne Remote Sensing Applications for the

Exploration of Geothermal potential"

 Download Now

161128C 0382 S RAW RPhil Woods

Vanua-GIS : A model for the Pacific

 Download Now

 161128C 0382 S RAW RRyan Wright

 "Improved Marine Protect Area Spatial Data Management

and Sharing Using Open-Source Solutions"

Download Now

Session 3  


161128C 0454 S E RAW R

Kenna Kelly

"Lessons Learning Using GIS for Emergency Management"  Download 

161128C 0472 S RAW R

Marco Bernasocchi

"Field to Web via QGIS, An example of OpenSource possibilities in GIS"  Download 

161128C 0503 S RAW R

Remi Andreoli

" Geospatial Cloud Computing Solution Aplplied to New Caledonia Forest Monitoring" Download Now 

161128C 0551 S RAW R

Sachindra Singh

"PacSAFE: Rapid Impact Mapping for Disasters"  Download 
Session 4


161128C 0577 S RAW R

      Jonah Sullivan

"Geoprocessing with Python"  Download 
 161128C 0592 S RAW R       Cliver Fraser  "International Society of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing: Serving society with information from images"   Download
 161128C 0624 S RAW R       Rob Sarib "Cooperation is the Key, FIG can facilitate"  Download
 161128C 0641 S RAW R    Holger Eichstaedt " Usage of an Airborne Multisensor Data for Mapping, Planning and Monitoring of the Interface between reef and coastal areas - Examples from Fiji and New Caledonia"  Download