2016 Conference Agenda

-------------- --------------- Monday 28.11.16 --------------- @@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@
08:00-08:50 Registration ---------------- ----------------
08:50-09:00 Conference Opening Malakai Finau Opening
09:00-09:10 Philip Müller Memorial Address Mike Petterson Opening
09:10-09:20 Wellcome USP Derrick Armstrong Opening
09:20-09:30 Conference Overview Wolf Forstreuter Opening
09:30-10:00 --------------- Morning Coffee --------------- ---------------
10:00-10:15 --------------- Group Photo --------------- --------------- ---------------
10:15-10:35 A journey to Thinking Big Spatially with Big Data Peter Kinne Data
10:35-10:55 The Journey from VanuaView to VanuaGIS Leba Gaunavinaka Data
10:55-11:15 The Launch of WV4 and Combining it with WV3 for Pacific Solutions Abhineet Jain Data
11:15-11:35 Airborne Remote Sensing Applications for the Exploration of geothermal potential Holger Eichstaedt Data
11:35-11:55 VanuaGIS – A Model for the Pacific Phil Woods Data
11:55-12:15 Improved Marine Protect Area Spatial Data Management and Sharing Using Open-Source Solutions Ryan Wright SDI
12:15-13:40 --------------- Lunch--------------- ---------------- ---------------
13:40-14:00 Lessons Learning Using GIS for Emergency Management Kenna Kelly Disaster
14:00-14:20 Conference Overview Wolf Forstreuter Opening
14:20-14:40 Field to Web via QGIS, An Example of OpenSource Possibilities in GIS Marco Bernasocchi SDI
14:40-15:00 Geospatiale Cloud Computing Solution Applied to New Caledonia Forest Monitoring Rémi Andreoli SDI
15:00-15:20 PacSAFE: Rapid Impact Mapping for Disasters Sachindra Singh SDI
15:20-15:40 --------------- Afternoon Coffee --------------- ---------------- ---------------
15:40-16:00 Geoprocessing with Python Jonah Sullivan Data
16:00-16:20 International Society of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing: Serving society with information from images Clive Fraser Organisation
16:20-16:40 Cooperation is the Key, FIG can facilitate Mikael Lilje OUT
16:40-17:00 Usage of an Airborne Multisensor Data for Mapping, Planning and Monitoring of the Interface Between Reef and Coastal Areas – Examples from Fiji and New Caledonia. Veronica Macovei Data
17:00-17:20 Sentinel Satellites as Part of the Copernicus Programme Thierry Catteau Data
17:20-17:40 Local-Area Spatial Information Generation from UAVs Clive Fraser UAV
19:00-? --------------- Cocktail at USP --------------- ---------------- ---------------
-------------- --------------- Tuesday 29.11.16 --------------- @@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@
08:40-09:00 Forest Change Detection Fiji 1991, 2001, 2007 and 2012, as Wall to Wall Mapping Vilisi Tokalauvere Forest
09:00-09:20 Evaluation of Sentinel Satellite
Imagery in Modelling the Aboveground Biomass of Mangrove Forest and their Competing Land Uses
Jose Alan Castillo Forest
09:20-09:40 Using Hansen's Global Forest Cover Change Datasets to Assess Forest Loss in Terrestrial Protected Areas Armando A Apan Forest
09:40-10:00 Determining the spread of African tulips in the Nadroumai Area using GIS George Vuki Forest
10:00-10:20 Identification of African Tulip with WorldView 3 Image Data Viliame Tupua Forest
10:20-10:40 Upgrading and Maintaining of the Current Problems Faced by Kiribati Land Information System (KLIS/KLIMS) Reei Tioti Land Use
10:40-11:00 --------------- Morning Coffee --------------- ---------------- ---------------
11:00-11:20 QBOOK- Building GIS Capacity from the Ground Up John Kaitu'u Education
11:20-11:40 Land Cover Change Detection in Fiji Through Collect Earth Ilaisa Senikuraciri Land Use
11:40-12:00 Revised TLTB Land Use Plan for Greater Suva Epeli Nadraiqere Land Use
12:00-12:20 GIS in Land Use and EIA Process Williams P. Ganileo Land Use
12:20-12:40 Transfer of Wealth Through Estate Planning Atonio Takala Land Use
12:40-13:00 Semi Automatic Mapping of Houses Vilisi Tokalauvere Land Use
13:00-14:20 --------------- Lunch --------------- ---------------- ----------------
14:20-14:40 Pacific Geospatial and Survey Strategy PGSC Chair . Geodesy
14:40-15:00 Vertical Reference Frame in the Pacific Andrick Lal Geodesy
15:00-15:20 Tuvalu’s Outer Island Geodetic Survey Faatasi Malologa Geodesy
15:20-15:40 Modernisation Process of a Geospatial Reference System and its Integral Role in Thematic and of Course the Role of PGSC Rob Sarib Geogesy
15:40-16:00 --------------- Afternoon Coffee --------------- ---------------- ---------------
16:00-16:20 Update on USP’s Geospatial Program Year II Aileen Prasad Education
16:20-16:40 GS231: Teaching Cartography and the Role of Peer Assessment John Lowry Education
16:40-17:00 Using 3D Modelling and GIS Tools to Identify Rock Art Andrea Jalandoni Geology
19:00-? --------------- Yaqona Ceremony at USP Bure --------------- ---------------- ---------------
-------------- --------------- Wednesday 30.11.16 --------------- @@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@
08:40-09:00 Hydrant Mapping Titoko Cika Utility
09:00-09:20 Analysing Incidents on a Network Ken Mathers Utlity
09:20-09:40 GIS WAF Josua Wainiqolo Utility
09:40-10:00 Census Boundary Revision 2017 Poasa Naimila Utility
10:00-10:20 Polling Venue Locator Application Viliame Vuiyanuca Utility
10:20-11:40 --------------- Morning Coffee --------------- ---------------- ----------------
11:40-11:00 Tracing Linear Networks Ken Mathers Utility
11:00-11:20 GIS Application in Water Resources Assessment and Management in the Pacific Aminisitai Loco Water
11:20-11:40 TC Winston Village Damage Assessment Wolf Forstreuter Disaster
11:40-12:00 A Crash Course in Crisis Mapping Mark Garvey Disaster
12:00-12:20 Inundation Survey Technics Herve Damlamian Disaster
12:20-14:00 --------------- Lunch --------------- ---------------- ----------------
14:00-14:20 Remote Sensing for Disaster Response at Sub­Pixel Level Sandeep Singh Sengar Disaster
14:20-14:40 Inundation Forecasting System Cyprien Bosserelle Disaster
14:40-15:00 Better Planning, Preparedness and Response Thanks to InaSAFE Marco Bernasocchi Disaster
15:00-15:20 An introduction to PARTneR: Pacific Risk Tool for Resilience Kate Crowley Disaster
15:20-15:40 Coastal Inundation from Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston Cyprien Bosserelle Disaster
15:40-16:00 --------------- Afternoon Coffee --------------- -----
16:00-16:20 Tsunami Evacuation Maps, Evacuation Signs, Information Boards and Sirens for South Santo and South Efate, Vanuatu Morris Jim Harrison Disaster
16:20-16:40 Police GIS Eseta Dumukuro Utility
16:40-17:00 Volume Calculation of Land Slides from Point Cloud Data Captured by UAV Ken Mathers UAV
17:00-17:20 Pacific Drone Imagery Deskboard Nathan Smith UAV
17:20-17:40 Accurate Mapping Using Drones (UAV's) - The Fundementals to Obtain True Photogrammetric Accuracy are Still the Same Richard Russell UAV
17:40-18:00 Mapping of Majuro Atoll Using a Low-Cost UAV Maria Kottermair UAV
21:00-? --------------- Guided Visit through Bars in Suva --------------- ---------------- ----------------
-------------- --------------- Thursday 01.12.16 --------------------- @@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@
08:40-09:00 Developing Data Standard for Maritime Boundaries and Limits in the Pacific Filimoni Yaya Marine
09:00-09:20 Enhancing Pacific Ocean Governance Donna Hayes Marine
09:20-09:40 El Nino Coastal Impact Monitoring Program Herve Damlamian Marine
09:40-10:00 The Approach and First Results of a PhD Thesis on the Impact of Terrigenous Inputs in a Tropical Lagoon Through a 3D Hydrodynamic Model and a Measures Network Marion Drouzy Marine
10:00-10:20 Niue Tide Gauge Hubert Kaulani Marine
10:20-10:40 High Resolution Biogeographic Classification of Regional Oceans. Jonah Sullivan Marine
10:40-11:00 --------------- Morning Coffee --------------- ----- ---------------
11:00-11:20 UAV, Tool or Toy? Hervé Damlamian Discussion
11:20-11:40 Open Source Software, Application or Hobby? Marco Bernasocchi Discussion
11:40-12:00 Mapping Forest Degradation Björn Hecht Discussion
12:00-12:20 Detecting Illegal Fishing Steve Masika Discussion
12:20-12:40 Risk Modelling and Impact Forecasting Tools – Challenges and Opportunities Litea Biukoto Discussion
12:40-14:00 --------------- Lunch --------------- ---------------- ----------------
14:00-14:20 Influence of Open Boundary Conditions (OBC) on the Lagoon Circulation of New Caledonia: ILIAC Program Douillet Pascal Marine
14:20-14:40 Pacific Regional Navigation Keleni Raqisia Marine
14:40-15:00 Applications of the Pacific Ocean Portal Molly Powers-Tora SDI
15:00-15:20 GIS Capacity Building in Pacific Island Countries John Tito Education
15:20-15:40 --------------- Afternoon Coffee --------------- ---------------- ----------------
15:40-16:00 Geo for All Edwin Liava'a Education
16:00-16:20 Capacity Mapping of National Geospatial and Survey Molly Powers-Tora Education
16:20-16:40 3 Words to Give Everyone and Everywhere a Simple Address Maurits van der Vlugt Data
16:40-17:00 Characteristics of Mesoscale Eddies in the Southwest Pacific Lydia Keppler Geology
17:00-17:20 Sugar GIS Vasiti Soko Litidamu Land Use
19:00-? --------------- Closing Cocktail at SOPAC --------------- ---------------- ------------------
-------------- --------------- Friday 02.12.16 --------------- @@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@
09:00-12:00 Workshops
-------------- --------------- Saturday 03.12.16 --------------- @@@@@@@@@ ----------------
12:00-17:30 ----- Picnic at Sandbank Suva Reef ----- Commander 1, Iara ----------------