Day 4 Presentation

Session 1

161201C 1826 S E RAW R

Filimoni Yaya

"Developing Data Standard for Maritime Boundaries and limits in the Pacific"  Download Now

161201C 1853 S RAW R

Herve Damlamian

"El Nino Coastal Impact Monitoring Program" Download Now 

161201C 1869 S E RAW R

Marion Drouzy

"The Approach and First Results of a PhD Thesis on the Impact of Terrigenous Inputs in a Tropical Lagoon Through a 3D Hydrodynamic Model and a Measures Network"  Download Now 

161201C 1889 S RAW R

Hubert Kaulani

" Niue Tide Guage"   Download Now

161201C 1902 S RAW R

Jonah Sullivan

" High Resolution Biogeographic Classification of Regional Oceans"  Download Now 
Session 2
 161201C 1853 S RAW RHerve Damlamian "UAV, Tool or Toy?" Download Now
 161130C 1617 S RAW R    Marco Bernasocchi

" Open Source Software, Application or Hobby?

Download Now 
 Bjorn HechtBjorn Hecht

" Mapping Forest Degradation" 

 Download Now
 Steve MasikaSteve Masika

"Detecting Illegal Fishing" 

Download Now 

LiteaLitea Biukoto

"Risk Modelling and Impact Forecasting Tools - Challenges and opportunities" 

Download Now

Session 3  

161130C 1586 S RAW R

Cyprien Bosserelle 

161201C 2082 S E RAW E S R

Keleni Raqisia

"Pacific Regional Navigation"  Download Now

161201C 2112 S E RAW E R

Molly Powers-Tora

"Applications of the Pacific Ocean Portal"  Download Now 

161130C 1586 S RAW R

Cyprien Bosserelle

Session 4

161201C 2155 S RAW R

     Maurits Van Der Vlugt

"3 Words to Give Everyone and Everywhere a Simple Address"  Download Now
 161201C 2112 S E RAW E R       Molly Powers-Tora "Capacity Mapping of national Geospatial and Survey"  Download Now

 161201C 2174 S RAW E R

    Vasiti Soko Litidamu

"Sugar GIS"  Download Now 

 161201C 2191 S RAW R

Awnesh Singh

 "Characteristics of Mesoscale Eddies in the Southwest Pacific" Download Now

161130C 1774 S RAW R

Richard Russell