Day 4 Presentations

Click on the download link to download presentations from the various sessions for day 4. Discussion session (Session 2) notes will be uploaded in a separate page in due course.

Session 1


Peter Kinne

"DigitalGlobe's next generation constellation and value-added applications"  Download   Now 

Le Duff Le Duff Mathieu


"Integrated Tsunami Risk Management in Loyalty Islands (New Caledonia) : Collaborative mapping to reduce vulnerability" Download Now   


Jean Messenet

"Valorizing your data and finding out the most suitable key-turn solutions" Download Now   

Session 3  



Viliame Viuyanuca 

"Fiji Elections Office GIS Projects" Download Now 


 Amit Singh

"GEE as tool for Water Resource Managment"  Download Now 


 Savelina Pale

"Application of Geospatial information for monitoring and spatial analysis the status of biodiversity among Fanga'uta Lagoon Catchments"  Download Now

Session 4



 Aleen Prasad

"USP Geospatial Science Programme - Year 3 "We made it !"" Download Now 


Viliame Folau

"Assessing vulnerability using Community Integrated Framework and Community Mapping & QGIS" Download Now


 Amrita Lal

"Overview of GS350 Student Projects" Download Now 


 John Kaitu'u

"QBOOK MOODLE: A Year Down The Line; Progress, Challenges & Potential"  Download Now


 Russell Howorth

Closing of Conference