Innovative GeoSpatial Solutions to Pacific Island Challenges

   27th to 30 November 2017 USP ICT Auditorium

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The GIS/RS User Conference is the largest and annual opportunity for Pacific Island Countries and other stakeholders to share experiences and knowledge in the development and use of GIS and Remote Sensing tools and products …

Technological Innovations

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Learn from and collaborate with experts that are involved in accelerated innovation within the field of GIS and Remote Sensing

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The platform promotes open discussions and the exchange of ideas on various aspects of GIS and Remote Sensing amongst 250+ participants comprising of academics, developers, technicians, providers and donors

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A Knowledgeable Opportunity

The event is an exceptional opportunity to be informed and to foster networks through formal and informal settings. The week will include social events at the end of each day to allow participants to process and reflect on the day’s proceedings. Join us for a week of learning, sharing and social networking!!!

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