Presentation Day2

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 08:00-08:20  1/4 of a Century RS&GIS Application in Management Services Division, Forestry Fiji  Noa Vakacegu  Forestry | Download  
 08:40-09:00  Forest Mapping and Stratification at 1:10,000 Scale Using WV-2 Image Data  Romuluse (Jale) Saqatanaivalu ( Rajale)  Forestry | Download 
 09:00-09:20  Accuracy of Counting Coconut Palms with VHR Image Data  Kataebati Bataua  Forestry | Download 
 09:20-09:40  DSM Extraction WV1 Image Data for Proposed National Forest Park Delaikoro  Naomi Jackson  Forestry | Download 
 09:40-10:00  Quantitative change detection of coastline with WorldView-2 image data and historical aerial photographs in Betio, Kiribati  Litia Gaunavou  Land Use | Download 
 10:00-10:20  Coconut Resource Inventory in Tonga, Vava'u Group  Tevita Faka`osi  Forestry | Download 
 10:20-10:40  Coconut Resource Inventory Abaiang  Maio Tebania  Forestry | Download 
 10:40-11:00  --------------- Morning Coffee ---------------  ----------------  ---------------
 11:00-11:20  Collect Earth Forest mapping and Change Detection in Fiji, Results and Challenges  Viliame Tupua  Forestry | Download 
 11:20-11:40  Soil erosion susceptibility and coastal evolution: examples in southern New­Caledonia  Pascal Dumas  Land Use | Download 
 11:40-12:00  Vanuatu Land Information Systems. The beginning of a complex Land Integrated GIS system  Williams P. Ganileo  Land Use | Download 
 12:00-12:20  Land Cover Change Detection for Onotoa, Kiribati  Buraoranti Tokanikai  Land Use | Download 
 12:20-12:40  The role of temporal imagery in improving land cover and land use mapping from satellite imagery  Peter Newsome  Land Use | Download 
 12:40-13:00  The use of Wordlview-3 and innovative technology for local communities within the framework of the environmental moratorium: the case of the Forgotten Coast in NEw Caledonia  Rémi Andreoli  Land Use | Download 
 13:00-14:20  --------------- Lunch ---------------  ----------------  ----------------
 14:20-14:40  Fiji’s National Land Use Development Plan Web­GIS  Leba Gaunavinaka  Land Use| Download 
 14:40-15:00  MapAction’s GIS Outputs in Response to Cyclone Pam  Malcolm Archbold  Disaster | Download 
 15:00-15:20  Importance of Hydrographic Surveys in Solomon Islands Economic Development and Maritime Safety  Clifford Olisikulu  Geodesy | Download 
 15:20-15:40  Tonga Geodetic Datum 2005 (TGD2005)  Viliame Folau  Geodesy | Download 
 15:40-16:00  --------------- Afternoon Coffee ---------------  ----------------  ---------------
 16:00-16:20  Does your geodetic datum and mapping projections meet your GIS and mapping needs?  Malcolm Archbold  Geodesy | Download 
 16:20-16:40  The Pacific Geospatial and Surveyors Council: Progress and Challenges  Faatasi Malologa  Geodesy | Download 
 16:40-17:00  Video Participatory GIS  Giacomo Rambaldi  Participatory GIS | Download 
 17:00-17:20  Video Participatory GIS  Giacomo Rambaldi  Participatory GIS | Download